Naming conventions for links in email marketing

You are probably already using naming conventions for items in your business: things like invoice numbering, sources of data, file-naming and sales leads but are you being as logical and organised about links in your e-newsletter and promotional emails?

Setting up a naming convention can help you identify and analyse where people are clicking as well as highlighting streams of content that are getting the most engagement. For example, if you were sending an email newsletter about catering services, a link to a blog about September specials might be tagged as blog_septspecials while the link to an article about fresh ingredients might be named article_freshingredients.

The location split of call-to-actions inside your email might be tagged cta_header, cta_main and cta_footer because they are all linking to the same class of object. You could also look at setting up conventions for the type of links in your email: blog, article, image, cta, button and text are all commonly used.

You may already be analysing heatmaps for your email campaigns and these can definitely work in partnership with naming conventions. The heatmap will give you a click spread for one campaign at a time while the naming conventions enable you to build up a “click picture” over multiple campaigns for certain types of content.

Do images get more clicks than text links? Do images get more clicks at the top or bottom of your emails? These sorts of questions can help you refine your email content and how you allocate links.

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