Wi-Fi public hotspots are increasingly a factor in a visitor’s choice of a venue. Holidays are booked on the quality of a Wi-Fi connection, cafés are rated on their Wi-Fi, restaurants and pubs provide an excellent Wi-Fi environment as part of the eating and drinking experience. Even football stadia are providing Wi-Fi for upwards of 40,000 fans. The hospitality and leisure industry needs quality Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi quality is a combination of hardware and software: the hardware is a combination of the telecoms line into the building, the router and the wireless access points (WAP). The software is crucial  to offering a venue’s visitors a mundane, generic experience or, alternatively, a quality interface — a one-click login via social media and instant access.

With PurpleWiFi software, the venue owner manager benefits in a number of ways: Wi-Fi Analytics — learning about your visitors; Wi-Fi Marketing — communicating with your visitors and fans; Social Wi-Fi — interacting and engaging with visitors; Wi-Fi Security and Legal — staying legally compliant; family-friendly content filtering; multilingual.

Installation of PurpleWiFi is the start of an exciting journey towards a competitive advantage: a better visitor profile, accelerated social media interaction, greater turnover.

Digital Supremo offers the post-sales support that ensures you make the best use of your new system.