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Jeremy Dent

A combination of sound traditional skills and a passion for digital.

We undertake short-term, interim and long-term assignments. We are organised, professional, keep good records and journals of what we accomplish, are easy to work with.

Most of our projects have elements in common:

  • simplifying a complex situation;
  • researching, organising and producing a plan that everyone understands and can work to;
  • bringing the cost of sales leads and sales down (doing more for less);
  • measuring and reporting activity so as to improve results.

Our digital marketing (communications) work involves some or all of these roles:

  1. Planning and writing for digital media, including Content Planning and Execution;
  2. Managing and optimising social media accounts/profiles and producing effective content for them;
  3. Co-ordinating a digital media programme and acting as a single point of contact and account management;
  4. Writing, producing and managing email marketing campaigns, linked to social media accounts and blogs;
  5. In-house interim roles to consult, plan digital marketing, write a strategy, transfer knowledge.

For smaller enterprises, I focus on Email Marketing, linked to social media profiles, because that is a tried method of bringing in business. House lists need to be improved, expanded, segmented. The pattern and content of email newsletters can often be hugely improved. Measurement is often haphazard.

For larger firms, we usually work through other agencies or consultants and add huge value through hands-on work and planning and strategy. This sort of work can be categorised as “social business”. We act as extra pairs of hands linked to a perceptive, up-to-date digital mindset.