Homage to Web 1.0 and the handwritten word

As Scott Monty, head of social media for Ford Motor Company, said recently, it’s “helpful to return to a time when the world’s information didn’t move quite so fast, when we had more time to think without the need to check more than a handful of email accounts and social networks and before we were drinking from a firehose of information”.

Somehow, our paper-based information has to meld with our digital data and work together. I’ve been caught once or twice with a discharged iPhone or a laptop without its charging lead. Paper has its uses.

Thank-you note

In the land of the digital, the handwritten note is king.

The more we communicate digitally, the more that crafted, paper communiques stand out. I still carry a mini-Filofax and a paper journal/notebook and been able to do useful work even when power was down and there was no wifi or mobile signal. I use a fountain pen, pencils and sketching paper.

Hand-written notes, cards and letters now have real value and differentiate themselves from the cacophony of email, texts, messages and posts. And those other senses, touch and smell are amply rewarded by written media.

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