Switch off your content creation autopilot

Many actions in digital media are process-driven. Most mornings, I have a routine for getting my digital content to the most effective places online. We tend to work on autopilot, following several well-honed processes. In everyday life, too, most … [Continue reading]

How micro-enterprises use digital marketing communications

Trying to make a presentation interactive is always a challenge. I gave a 4Sight (a 20 minute presentation) to the Stockport Group of 4Networking. The results were interesting, if not statistically significant. I might have asked more questions, … [Continue reading]

Five ways to tease out valuable blogging content

It’s hard, isn’t it, to provide value and original content for your blog reader over a period of time? Yet, most of us have a huge reservoir of expertise that we need to tease out of the recesses of our minds. Here are five ways of jogging your … [Continue reading]

Google+: immediate payback

Momentum Growth for Google+ has suddenly spiked. Google+ is on track to overtake Twitter as the world’s second largest social media site. If there’s anything that marketing’s taught us, it’s that you always want to be ahead of the curve – and right … [Continue reading]

The social matrix and ten IT-enabled business trends

Blue pill, red pill? What is the social matrix? An article in the McKinsey Quarterly by Jacques Bughin, Michael Chui, and James Manyika, Ten IT-enabled business trends for the decade ahead, describes ten key digital information trends looming … [Continue reading]

Homage to Web 1.0 and the handwritten word

As Scott Monty, head of social media for Ford Motor Company, said recently, it's "helpful to return to a time when the world's information didn't move quite so fast, when we had more time to think without the need to check more than a handful of … [Continue reading]

In describing yourself, less is more

It's an old cliché but, often, less really is more. When we describe our businesses in sixty seconds, the most common mistake we make is cramming in too much information. I do it myself and then curse inwardly. We're worried about  failing to … [Continue reading]

Google+ and the social meme

We are evolving into a world where we constantly have access to datastreams and where we stream data individually. It is a fast-paced, real-time world and, for a small minority, it is already here. It is a big adjustment, not just for individuals and … [Continue reading]

What is strategy?

The question “What is strategy?” has triggered many doctoral dissertations, countless hours of research and healthy debate among academic management thinkers. Perhaps this is why many of us also struggle with it. Nonetheless, if you are seeking to … [Continue reading]

Getting ready for the new LinkedIn Company Page

Social media is an area with many aspects to it and has important implications way beyond being a new marketing communications channel. Nevertheless, the basics are important and this post gives you a quick overview of the coming changes in … [Continue reading]