Switch off your content creation autopilot

Many actions in digital media are process-driven. Most mornings, I have a routine for getting my digital content to the most effective places online. We tend to work on autopilot, following several well-honed processes.

In everyday life, too, most of our behaviour is semi-automatic, without conscious analysis. This works well on a day-to-day level: we would never have time to think through every single decision consciously. On the other hand, if we want to change the results we get interacting with our environment, then we have to consciously choose many more of our actions.

Let’s look at this principle in a different environment. Take the most dangerous thing most of us do on a day-to-day basis – driving a car or motorbike.

I have recently done an advanced driving course and learned to become much safer on the road – for myself and those around me – by switching off my driving autopilot, a series of semi-automatic responses. I have improved my concentration, anticipation and hazard assessment. I have learned a systematic method of car control and a more conscious approach to driving, and my assessment of risks, that will serve me well in the years ahead.

Content creation

Find a contemplative “place” to create your content`

Digital content is important to most organisations. It is the footprint you leave online and the trail that allows people you want to interact with to find you: inbound marketing (communications), in other words.

It is vital that this content reflects your organisation and its uniqueness. It should tell your story, the ups (and downs), the struggle for excellence, the milestones. You should use emotion and not just dry facts and figures.

It is easy to get caught up in routine. Creating content is not a semi-automatic process. It needs your full attention and, like changing from a routine driver to an advanced driver, you need to learn new ways of expressing and unlocking the passion in your organisation.

So switch off the autopilot when you sit down to create content. Leave aside the references, the how-to-do-it handbooks. Pick the time of day when you are most energetic . Dig deep and surprise yourself…and us!

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