Add a little online cheer over the festive period

Leave a comment on a friend’s blog or Digg or StumbleUpon it

Identity systems have made commenting on blogs a little harder than it used to be but it’s still relatively simple. Offer a relevant comment or reaction. It’s a gift thats reciprocal because it links back to your own blog or website.

If you can’t think of a comment, share it through Digg or StumbleUpon.

Like, or comment on, a Facebook status

We often take Facebook Comments for granted but use any spare time over Christmas to show appreciation of your Friends by being generous in your Comments, Likes and praise. Costs virtually nothing.

Thank tweeps for an @ response on Twitter

How many @ responses do we barely acknowledge? Go out of your way to thank someone commenting on your tweets by giving them extra exposure to your Followers. Extol and praise them.

Instead of writing “according to one blogger” write, “according to Jeremy Dent’s excellent SocialMediaCompass blog.” Praise publicly and freely. Correct privately!

And have a great Christmas yourself!