Google+: immediate payback


Growth for Google+ has suddenly spiked. Google+ is on track to overtake Twitter as the world’s second largest social media site. If there’s anything that marketing’s taught us, it’s that you always want to be ahead of the curve – and right now the curve is favoring Google+.


Mashable reports that Google+ is also seeing an increase of time spent on the site. Users are now spending twice as much time on Google Plus than they did in February 2013 and the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing.

Google testing tool

A new tool to test for Google Authorship

Having a Google+ Account allows you to claim authorship of your content. This keeps unique and original content valuable and accredited to you. Google+ means that links and referrals will be weighted based on who they come from instead of where they’re posted. Authorship gives you credibility and power. You can test for Authorship with this Google Webmaster Tool.

Search engine recognition

A strong Google+ presence directly correlates to stronger search engine recognition. While it can’t replace an SEO strategy, why not enhance your efforts?


Whether you want to host G+ Hangouts or filter posts for your Circles, Google+ provides flexibility options that many of the other platforms don’t. By taking advantage of these features, you can differentiate your product or service through online features.

Profile links

Unlike other social platforms, you can link to other sites throughout your Google+ Profile, contributing towards a sales process. As more people share and giving your posts a +1, your Profile links will suddenly become very powerful. Having an optimised Google+ Page is much easier to rank than a standalone website. You can also benefit from Google’s bias in quickly indexing posts that have received a+1.

Best statement on Google+ aims I have seen

Christian Oestlian, Lead in Social Advertising at Google, recently gave a talk at AdTech New York where he said:

Christian Oestlian, Lead in Social Advertising at Google

Christian Oestlian, Lead in Social Advertising at Google

“We don’t think of Google+ in terms of what other people are doing today. Certainly, there’s that feature-race, where we want to make sure we have enough products featured in and around Google+ to make it interesting. But for us, even if there was no social service out there today, we would want to implement this strategy.

Google+ is about transforming your relationship with Google. The number of people going to Google on a daily basis rivals virtually all other properties out there. If we can take that experience more social, interesting and personalized, that’s something we want to do no matter who else is engaged in the same space.”