Tweetadder 4.0 tip to avoid crashing or hanging


Unclick the “Add Twitter Profile Images” box

There have been many complaints about TweetAdder 4.0 on Twitter. Whenever a large list is loaded, it seems to hang or crash.

When the box for “Load Twitter Profile Images” in >Settings is ticked, you don’t need to be a geek to work out that loading thousands of avatar images will slow the app down! Admittedly, this makes some Twitter users harder to recognise or identify but I have found that the app is very flaky when trying to load these images.

Here is some background: on April 6, 2012, Twitter launched a lawsuit against five services, one of which was Tweet Adder, claiming that the service violated Twitter’s spam policy by providing auto follows/unfollows.  Tweet Adder was the only service of the three to settle with Twitter and agree to provide alternative solutions. The result was TweetAdder 4.0, with significant changes from 3.0.

The primary issue Twitter had with Tweet Adder 3.0 was the app’s ability to enable Twitter users to follow and unfollow people automatically. Twitter states in their official Terms of Service that the only automated following they permit is automated follow-backs (automatically follow-back people who follow you). Tweet Adder, however, enabled users to set up ‘to follow’ lists, using a variety of customisable parameters and users could then set it up to follow these lists gradually over time.

I found this capability extremely useful. Whenever I found a good Twitter list (often containing hundreds of people sharing common interests with me) I would queue it up and then follow a modest amount of people every day. Then, if they didn’t follow me back after a few weeks, I would unfollow them. This allowed me to spend my time focusing on creating good content for my audience instead of sitting in front of my PC going “click, click, click” every day (or paying someone else to do it for me).

Despite TweetAdder 4.0 losing some of this automation, it hasn’t lost it all. It is still the most useful tool out there and can still be purchased for a one-off price of $55. There are plans to convert to a monthly subscription.

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